From question tags to learning outcomes, Categories are the key to great data!

  • Categories Simulations

    Categories Simulations

    A Categories Simulation designed to get you familiar with creating and using your Categories

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  • Support Resources: Contact Us!

    Support Resources: Contact Us!

    From Administrative and Exam Manager support to Exam Taker support, contact our team by utilizing these Support Resources!

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  • Categories for Learning

    Categories for Learning

    Tracking learning outcomes allows you to use your data to improve student performance and learning

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  • How to Track Learning Outcome Performance9:24

    How to Track Learning Outcome Performance

    This webinar would review how you can set up your Category Tree and begin tagging Questions with Learning Outcomes.

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  •  Creating Categories

    Creating Categories

    Create categories to tag to your questions so that you can start tracking Learning Outcomes!

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  • Editing your Category Structure 20:01

    Editing your Category Structure

    This webinar will go over some helpful tips for editing your categories - from adding new categories to editing existing categories!

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  • Selecting your Categories

    Selecting your Categories

    Best Practices for determining the best Category structure for your institution

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  • How do I Import a Category Structure with Excel28:35

    How do I Import a Category Structure with Excel

    This webinar will walk you through a new trick you can use to easily create a full category structure using our Tab-Delimited Question Importer.

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  • Category Report

    Category Report

    Category Reports provide users with an in depth analysis of learning outcomes.

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