Quick Reference Guides

  • User Rights Breakdown

    User Rights Breakdown

    Not sure what exactly each permission allows a user to do? Check out this quick breakdown of the permission options and what they represent. User Rights*

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  • Want an opportunity to meet your peers and learn more about ExamSoft?

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  • Taking an Exam with Examplify

    Taking an Exam with Examplify

    Want to learn the full process of taking an exam using Examplify? Check out this guide!

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  • Downloading Exams with Examplify

    Downloading Exams with Examplify

    Learn how to download and remove a downloaded exam from a computer using SofTest v12

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  • Support Resources - Contact Us!

    Support Resources - Contact Us!

    From Administrative and Exam Manager support to Exam Taker support, contact our team by utilizing these Support Resources!

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  • Check out the ExamSoft Calendar for information on upcoming releases and webinars!

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  • Creating New Users

    Creating New Users

    Create new faculty and staff accounts.

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  • Tracking Payment Status

    Tracking Payment Status

    Easily track the Payment status of your Exam Takers.

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  • Paying for your SofTest License

    Paying for your SofTest License

    Instructions for Exam Takers on how to pay for their License to use our products and software.

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  • Strengths and Opportunities Report

    Strengths and Opportunities Report

    The Strengths and Improvement Opportunities Assessment Report shows an individual Exam Taker's exam and category performance on a specified exam posting.

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  • Assessment Types

    Assessment Types

    Categorize your assessments as quizzes, finals, and Take-Home Assessments

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  • First Exam Checklist

    First Exam Checklist

    A checklist to prepare you for your first exam! Make sure you are ready to make ExamSoft a success!

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  • Releasing Results to Exam Takers

    Releasing Results to Exam Takers

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  • Installing SofTest-M

    Installing SofTest-M

    Steps for finding and installing SofTest-M through the Apple Store!

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  • FAQs on Taking Exams

    FAQs on Taking Exams

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on SofTest and Taking Assessments

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  • SofTest and Lab Management System Integration

    SofTest and Lab Management System Integration

    Lab Management Systems are applications that institutions use to manage lab computers and restore installations to original configurations. This guide will help you to configure SofTest in a lab.

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  • Duplicating vs. Reposting Assessments

    Duplicating vs. Reposting Assessments

    This guide will review when it is a good idea to duplicate an assessment and when you should repost!

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  • Using the Community

    Using the Community

    Never feel left out. Review this guide to understand what the community is used for and how to ask question to faculty members from other university just like you.

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  • Editing an Assessment

    Editing an Assessment

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  • FlexSite Express (EiX)

    FlexSite Express (EiX)

    Create assessments using our FlexSite Express Importer

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  • Reporting and Scoring FAQ

    Reporting and Scoring FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on the Reporting Area of the Portal

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  • Administration FAQs

    Administration FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on the Administrative Areas of the Portal

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