Everything you need to know regarding Blackboard, Canvas, SAML, LDAP, D2L, Moodle and Lab Integrations!

  • Moodle Integration

    Moodle Integration

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  • D2L Integration

    D2L Integration

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  • SofTest and Lab Management System Integration

    SofTest and Lab Management System Integration

    Lab Management Systems are applications that institutions use to manage lab computers and restore installations to original configurations. This guide will help you to configure SofTest in a lab.

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  • SAML Integration FAQs

    SAML Integration FAQs

    This FAQ guide will answer the most frequent questions regarding the integration between SAML and ExamSoft's products.

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  • Support Resources - Contact Us!

    Support Resources - Contact Us!

    From Administrative and Exam Manager support to Exam Taker support, contact our team by utilizing these Support Resources!

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    This FAQ guide will answer many common questions regarding LDAP integration with ExamSoft's products.

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  • SofTest Lab Guidelines

    SofTest Lab Guidelines

    This guide addresses issues and concerns when using SofTest within a Lab environment.

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  • SofTest Basic Lab Setup

    SofTest Basic Lab Setup

    A walk through of setting up SofTest for a lab environment that does not utilize Lab Management software.

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  • Logging in with SAML - Administrators & Exam Takers

    Logging in with SAML - Administrators & Exam Takers

    This account will walk you through the process of authenticating on the Portal as an Administrator or Exam Taker, as well as authenticating your account using SofTest.

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  • Creating SAML ETs & Users

    Creating SAML ETs & Users

    Learn how to create SAML Users within your ExamSoft Portal, as well as how to manually create or import a list of SAML Exam Takers.

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  • Canvas Integration

    Canvas Integration

    This guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps to link your institution's ExamSoft Portal to your Canvas Instance.

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  • Course Push with Canvas

    Course Push with Canvas

    This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Courses within your Canvas instance to be migrated to your ExamSoft Portal.

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  • Blackboard Grade Push

    Blackboard Grade Push

    Did you know that you can push the scores students have in ExamSoft to your Gradebook in Blackboard? Use this guide to learn how.

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  • Configuring Blackboard Secondary Accounts

    Configuring Blackboard Secondary Accounts

    Do you have one instance of Blackboard but multiple ExamSoft databases? Want that content to be combined into your Blackboard? Use this guide for Secondary Accounts.

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  • Blackboard Integration Setup

    Blackboard Integration Setup

    Nobody wants to enter in information twice. Learn how to set up your Blackboard course data to transfer over to ExamSoft using this guide.

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