Exam Taker Management

February 23, 2016 Josh Neidish

Once Exam Takers  are imported into ExamSoft, they are listed under the Exam Takers tab. All pertinent information is listed for each Exam Taker such as their email addresses, version of SofTest, and number of courses enrolled. Users can search for Exam Takers by name, email, courses, and a few other filter types to quickly find them.

  1. Navigate to the Exam Takers tab. If you are an admin user, this will populate with all Active Exam Taker. If you are not an admin user, this will only show active Exam Takers enrolled in a course in which you are the course owner. 
  2. To add new Exam Takers manually:
Note, passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Click Create Exam Taker to add a single Exam Taker.
  • Fill in all relevant Exam Taker information, whether
    they will be a Lab User, any Accommodations,
    and Exam Taker Group designation.
  • Click Save to finalize the new Exam Taker.
  1. Users with Admin Rights can search for additional exam takers by ID, Email, or Name using the search bar at the top of the list. Clicking Advanced Search will show various filters, allowing you to narrow down the list of Exam Takers based on SofTest Version, status, etc. Note that in order to see Inactive Exam Takers, you must use the Advanced Search  Status options.
  2. Within the list of Exam Takers, you will see data pertaining to each Exam Taker. You can add various columns to your view using the Gear icon at the top of the list. 
  3. The Actions column will allow you to:
    Edit - Edit the Exam Takers information 
    History  - See Registration and Exam History for the student
    Email - Email the student
    Activate - Activate the students account 
    Deactivate - Deactivate the students account 
  4. You also have a number of bulk options for managing ETs. Start by selecting the ETs you are working with using the checkboxes next to their ID: 
    Email - Click the Envelope at the Top-Right of the list of ETs to send an email to all ETs
    Deactivate  - Click Deactivate Selected at the bottom of the screen
    Increase Max Downloads on an Assessment - Click Bulk Edit Options. Select the exam you wish to update from the Assessment Dropdown. This will only show assessments that all of the selected students took. Update the Max Downloads, Comments, and Marked fields.
    Activate - If the selected ETs are inactive, click Bulk Edit Options Check the Activate Selected Exam Takers and click Update All
  5. Export the list of Exam Takers to CSV or Excel using the icons in the top-right of the list of ETs. 
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