Creating a Multiple Choice Question

February 23, 2016 Aubri Bleacher
  1. Select the Questions tab.
  2. Click Create M/C.
  3. Enter the Title and select a Folder to store the question.
  4. Enter a question stem.
  5. Enter Answer Choices in the provided window. You can use the Add New Answer Choice button to add additional answer choices. You can use the Red 'X' next to an answer choice to remove it. You can have up to 26 possible answer choices.  
  6. Add Categories.
  7. Add Attachments. For specifics on attachments, refer to our Attachments Guide
  8. Add Rationale to provide feedback on this question when releasing results to Exam Takers. 
  9. Add Internal Comments. These are only visible to faculty viewing the question within the ExamSoft Portal. 
  10. Within the options section, you will find the following options: 
    Weight - Indicate the default point value for the question
    Randomize Choices - Randomize the answer choices when students see the question; this will not apply to Locked answer choices
    Partial Credit - If multiple answers are selected as correct, this option will give the student partial credit for getting a portion of the correct answers
    Select All That Apply  - If multiple answers are selected as correct, this option will require the student get all correct answers to get any points for the question 
  11. Save Question. You can then choose to Approve the question which will make the question available to be used on an assessment. 

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