Creating an Extended Matching Question

February 24, 2016 Aubri Bleacher
  1. Select the Questions tab.
  2. Click Create FITB/Matching.
  3. Enter the Title and select a Folder to store the question.
  4. In the question stem, add the following:
    • lead in statement
    • option list labeled with letters
    • second option or description list labeled with numbers
  5. Move your cursor to the end of each description and click Add New Blank. This will provide a blank to indicate an answer that matches to the associated description. 
  6. Enter the correct answer for each blank in the corresponding answer blank. You can indicate both the letter option and the full description as accepted answers by using the vertical bar to separate them. 
  7. Add Categories.
  8. Add Attachments. For specifics on attachments, reference our Attachments Guide. 
  9. Add Rationale to provide feedback on this question when releasing results to Exam Takers. 
  10. Add Internal Comments. These are only visible to faculty viewing the question within the ExamSoft Portal. 
  11. Within the options section, you will find the following options: 
    Weight - Indicate the default point value for the question
    Partial Credit - If there are multiple blanks, this option will give the student partial credit for getting a portion of the correct answers
  12. Save Question. You can then choose to Approve the question which will make the question available to be used on an assessment. 

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