Creating an Ordering Question

February 24, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

Users can create an Ordering Question which requires Exam Takers to provide an answer by correctly selecting the order of a series of given items.

  1. Navigate to the Questions tab.
  2. Click Create FITB/Matching.
  3. In the question field, you will first indicate the instructions for completing the question.
  4. Next, list the series of items the Exam Takers will be responsible for numbering. At the front of each item, indicate a blank. This can be done by clicking the Add New Blank button.
  5. In the answer section below the question, indicate the correct answer for each of the blanks indicated above. The answer should be in the form of a number corresponding with the correct order.
  6. You are able to provide partial credit to Exam Takers who get some of the answers correct. To do so, change the Weight and check Partial Credit in the options section of the question.
  7. Below is a preview of how the Ordering Question will appear to Exam Takers in SofTest.


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