Managing Accommodation Rules

February 23, 2016 Josh Neidish

Accommodation Rules are assigned to individual Exam Takers to provide them additional accommodations during their exams, including increased time, spell check, or non-secure settings. When an accommodation is assigned to an Exam Taker, it does not affect the security options or features for all other Exam Takers in the course. 

To assign accommodation rules, accommodation groups must first be established for the account. Then Exam Takers are assigned to groups that specify assessment rules.

To Set up Accommodation Rules on Account

  1. In order to add Exam Takers to Accommodation Groups, first contact our Support team. Accommodation Rules can have any combination of the following options:
    Percent of time limit – increase time limit for each exam
    Security Disabled – provides a non-secure version of the exam for an Exam Taker (enabling access to other applications)
    Spell check enabled – enables spell checker even if it was disabled for the exam.
  2. You can check what accommodation rules are in place by visiting your Global Settings page of your portal.

To Assign Accommodation Rules Manually

1. Click the Exam Takers tab at the top of the screen.

2. Find the Exam Taker you need to add the accommodation to and click the pencil icon in the Actions column.

3. Select an accommodation rule from the drop down menu.

4. After selecting the Accommodation Rule, click Save

5. The Accommodation Rules for each Exam Taker can be viewed under the Exam Takers tab.  A separate column can be added to this view by selecting it from the gear icon. Note that for these accommodations to take effect, it must be in place prior to a student downloading an assessment!

To Assign Accommodation Rules on Import

  1. Navigate to the Exam Takers tab.
  2. Click Import Exam Takers.
  3. When importing an Exam Taker file, each person can be assigned their own accommodation rule. Note that for these accommodations to take effect, it must be in place prior to a student downloading an assessment!

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