Communicating with Exam Takers

February 23, 2016 Josh Neidish

Users can communicate with Exam Takers using the email icon from within an assessment and from the Exam Takers tab. Email templates can be created by system administrators in the Global Settings section of the Portal and found in the drop down menu when creating an email. Users can choose to use these default emails or create a custom message.

Selecting the Students to Email

1. You can select to send emails directly from the Exam Taker Activity tab of an Assessment or from the Exam Takers tab. 

2. Navigate to the Exam Takers tab or to the Exam Taker Activity page of an assessment. 

3. To send an email to an individual student,  click the Envelope icon in the Action column for the student. 

4. To send an Email to Multiple Exam Takers, select the check box for each Exam Taker, then click the mail icon at the top of the search screen to email everyone.

Creating the Email

1. Selecting the email icon from any of the above locations will launch the Email Exam Taker window.

2. Indicate whether you would like to receive un-deliverables notifying you that an email address was invalid.

3. Create a subject line.

4. Enter a custom email message in the content field or choose a message from the Email Template drop-down menu. Click Add to view the email template in the content field. This message can be edited before sending.

5. Users can choose to add a bcc email, which will send an email to the address with a count of the number of ETs that received the email and a copy of the content of the email. 

6. User can select to include the Exam Taker ID and Password in the email. 

7. Click Send to send the email. Students will receive an email from the user sending the email with the content indicated in the pop-up window. 

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