Assessing with Rubrics

February 25, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Once Rubrics have been created, Users may assign them to Assessments to evaluate student performance with ease and consistency.

Creating a New Assessment Using Rubrics

1. Click the Assessments tab.

2. Select Create New Assessment. A window with two options will appear. Click Performance Grading.

3. Enter a title, choose the type, and select a folder.  

4. Choose to score using Points or Rubrics. Users will be able to adjust the Max Points once grading has begun. Points allows the User to grade performance assessments using numeric values. Rubrics allows Users to grade using rubrics that have already been created.

5. When Rubrics is selected, click Add Rubrics and choose from the list that appears. Users may add more than one rubric to a given Assessment.

6. Click Add Selected to Assessment and Close.

7. Users can make some rubrics worth more than others by changing their weight. Ensure that all of them add up to 100%. Users will be able to adjust the weighting of each rubric after grading has begun.

8. To get a glimpse of the rubric, roll the cursor over Preview. Ensure all selected rubrics are appropriate for the assessment and click Save.

9. Once the Performance Assessment is saved, it is now ready to be posted to a course of Students.

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