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March 17, 2016 Josh Neidish

SofTest - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Exam Takers go through the exam taking process (download, take, upload)?

A: Exam Takers must first download SofTest to the device that they will use for testing. Exam Takers can download SofTest by logging into their institution’s home page for ExamSoft. Exam Takers need to then complete the installation and registration steps (while connected to the internet). In SofTest, they will click “Download Exam Files”, find their exam file under “Available Exams” and download. Once the file is downloaded and it is time to begin the exam, they will open SofTest, select “Take an Exam,” and enter their exam password. After completing the exam and re-connecting to the internet, Exam Takers will see a green upload confirmation page. Please note that uploads may take up to 15 minutes. Review our Quick Reference Guide on Best Practices for Exam Takers for more information.

Q: Will SofTest run in my computer lab?

A: It depends! We generally support any lab setup whose machines meet our minimum system requirements for personal computers. We do not support the use of SofTest on thin clients, virtual machines, or on setups with network drives. Feel free to review this Quick Reference Guide on running SofTest and Lab Management System Integration. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist to set up a consultation with our IT team if you have any questions.

Q: Does SofTest have capabilities such as magnify text or read out loud for students with disabilities?

A: We offer extended time, spell check and non-secure accommodations for students. The non-secure accommodation allows for students to access the internet and/or external software that may provide necessary services for students. For more information on accommodation rules, please refer to this Quick Reference Guide

Q: Why do some features work differently depending on the operating system (Windows, Mac, iPad)?

A: Because of the differences and limitations of each operating system, there may be slight differences in the appearance and features of SofTest on different platforms.

Q: My school uses LDAP and my students cannot log-in. What should I do?

A: LDAP login troubles are usually associated with students forgetting to use the LDAP domain (myschool\username) or using an incorrect password. Remember that when using LDAP, the credentials are checked with your school's systems so that's often the best place to start for troubleshooting. Our LDAP requests are sent from the IP addresses specified in our LDAP documentation. Any changes will be communicated with clients prior to the change being made. Check out our LDAP Integration FAQ for more information. 

Q: What should I do if SofTest does not fully exit and restore my system?

A: There are some common troubleshooting techniques found on that you can try first that usually resolve the problem. You can also feel free to reach out to our Exam Taker support team. Note that situations like this can usually be prevented by following our Exam Taker Best Practices Guide and disabling any anti-virus program that may be running prior to taking an assessment.

Q: I cannot enable/disable Guided Access. What should I do?

A: Guided Access is a function of Apple's iOS platform. Issues related to the enabling or disabling Guided Access should be troubleshooted per Apple's recommendations. While SofTest requires Guided Access to be enabled prior to taking a secure assessment, it does not modify settings related to Guided Access. For more info on how to use Guided Access mode, check out this Knowledge Base Article

Q: How long do answer files remain on an iPad?

A: iPads retain SofTest log files for up to 6 months, but are deleted earlier if the App is uninstalled.

Q: What happens to the assessment timer if an iPad is turned off mid-exam?

A: Unlike on other platforms, the timer is NOT paused upon turning off a device. However, utilizing the Resume Code will restore any lost time so the student is not penalized for a technical malfunction. For more information on how to retrieve and use the Resume Code, please refer to this Quick Reference Guide

Q: Why did my student lose time on their exam after putting their computer to sleep?

A: Putting the computer to sleep does not pause the timer. This is to prevent students from gaining additional time on an assessment simply by closing their lid. In order for the Resume Code to be utilized, the computer must be restarted/turned off. For more information on how to retrieve and use the Resume Code, please refer to this Quick Reference Guide

Q: What review options do Exam Takers have with SofTest?

You have a couple options! Using Secure Exam Review, Exam Takers can review their completed assessment in a controlled environment with access to the questions, responses, and even the rationale. Secure Exam Review can be done immediately following the assessment or at a separate time using the Delayed Review feature. For more information on Secure Exam Review, you can refer to our Quick Reference Guide. You can also enable the exam to automatically release results. With automatically releasing results, you can choose what you want to include in the student’s results report which the student will receive upon uploading their exam. Review our Quick Reference Guide on automatic release results to learn more.

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