Installing and Registering SofTest

February 25, 2016 Josh Neidish

This guide will help you install and register SofTest on the device you plan to use to take your exams.

  1. Log in to your institution’s home page for ExamSoft using your assigned ID & password.
  2. Your institution will notify you if there is a fee.  If so, you will need to pay this fee to activate your account. It will appear after logging into the home page.
  3. Review the section on Getting Started with SofTest:

    Check your minimum system requirements
    Click Download and follow the onscreen directions to install the software on your computer.  
    Setup SMS/Text notifications as desired.
    Review the SofTest Installation video as needed.
  4. Find the SofTest icon on your desktop, and launch SofTest.  You must be connected to the internet to register SofTest and / or download exams.
  5. Enter your Institution ID. Your Institution ID is your institution's abbreviation found at the end of the ExamSoft Portal URL. 
  6. Enter your Student ID and Password. 
  7. Click Register to complete Registration. You can now download exams. 



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