Switching Users in SofTest

March 21, 2016 Josh Neidish

There are many instances where switching users is necessary. Test accounts, previewing an assessment when logged in as an Exam Taker, using SofTest for multiple registrations, and sharing computers are just a few of the scenarios where the ability to switch users is invaluable.

  1. Access the Softest application on your computer.
  2. Register SofTest by entering your Institution ID, and your assigned ID and password in the next window.Your institution ID is the abbreviation for your institution found at the end of your ExamSoft Portal URL.

Adding a New User

  1. In SofTest, click Switch User.
  2. In the next window, click New Registration
  3. Log in with the second account following the on-screen prompts. 

Switching Between Users

If you have multiple registrations within SofTest, you must be logged in as the correct user in SofTest to download or take an exam. Use the Switch User function to ensure that you are logged into the correct account before attempting to download and take an assessment.

  1. In SofTest, click Switch User.
  2. In the next window, select the user you want to switch to and click Select Registration.

Clearing Registration clears the registration of all Users in SofTest.  To clear registration, navigate to the ExamSoft home page click the below keyboard prompts:

Windows: Ctrl + F
Mac: Fn + ⌘ + F7

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