Exam Taker Portal Guide

March 31, 2016 Josh Neidish

This document will assist you in navigating and interacting with your ExamSoft Portal. Depending on your Institution's Portal settings, you may not see all of the features included within this guide.


The SofTest tab will be the first tab you see when initially logging into your ExamSoft Portal. From this tab you will be able to:

Check your Minimum System Requirements - Expanding any of the selections will explain the minimum system requirement your computer or device must meet in order to install and run SofTest.

Install and Register SofTest - This step will instruct you on how to Install and Register SofTest onto your system/device, including direct links to download the program, or to get help if you run into any problems.

Setup Your Notifications - This section is completely optional, but it will allow us to send notifications (including download and upload deadlines and released results) via text message directly to a US-based cell phone.


Clicking the Courses tab at the top of the screen will bring you to a new page displaying Courses and Notifications.

The first button on the screen in the Manual Exam Upload Button.

This button allows you to manually upload an answer file. In most cases, SofTest will automatically upload your answer file immediately following an assessment. If your answer file fails to upload, you can attempt to manually upload your answers here. For assistance, contact our Exam Taker Support line immediately at (866) 429-8889.

Below that, you will find a list of Courses to which you are enrolled.

The first column in the grid indicates the Status of the Course (Active, None, or Closed).

The second column displays the name of the Course. Clicking on the name of the course will bring you to a listing all of the exams/assessments for that course.

The third column contains any Notifications for the course. These notifications are denoted with a small yellow caution icon "Uploads/Downloads Required", or a green pin icon "Results Recently Added". It is always a good idea to click on the course if you see a notification listed.

By clicking on the course name of on the notification icon, you will be brought to a list of the assessments for that particular course.

The first and second columns simply contain the title of the exam/assessment and the type of assignment. The third column is the Notifications/Actions Required column. This column will display any notifications for that particular assessment.

Notifications may include the following:

Upload Assignment - This indicated that you have yet to upload your assignment. It will also include the number of days remaining to complete the assignment. Depending on the type of assignment, this may require upload a file from your computer by clicking the Upload button or uploading an answer file from SofTest.

Grade Assignment - This indicates that you have an assignment that you have been assigned to grade. Note if the action icon displays in yellow, rather than blue, you have less than 24 hours to grade the assignment. For more information on how to grade assignments, check out Grading from the ET Portal.

View Results - This indicates that your instructor has released results to you. Clicking on the icon will open any reports from this assessment released to you.

The fourth column represents the Upload Due Date. Depending on the type of assignment, you may also see a "green arrow pointing upward" icon next to the due date. This icon serves the same purpose as the Action button from column three, and will not affect the file being uploaded using either button.

The final two columns display the Upload File Name and the Score for that exam/assessment if the scores have been released. You may also export this page in Excel format by clicking either Excel icon above or below the grid.


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