ExamSoft Cheat Sheet

April 5, 2016 Josh Neidish

Courtesy of Indiana University School of Medicine

Getting Started:

• Your username is your email address.

• To access and work on the site, you can only use Firefox, no IE.

• You will be given exam manager privileges, not total admin privileges.

• ExamSoft has some pretty good tutorials linked directly from your custom homepage.

   o The ‘help’ toggle, however, is so‐ so.

Cool features:

• Students can download the test, prior to the test day. However, they can’t open it until the right time and then only with the key code you provide. In other words, they don’t need to all be accessing the ExamSoft server at once.

It’s easy to author questions for bulk upload to ExamSoft. You must adhere strictly to several rules.

• Again Firefox only

RTF file format only

• No automatic formatting, at least I have had trouble with this.

• Multiple choice question formatting: 

   o Arial font, 11 or 12 point.  

   o Question number followed by a period and one space, then the stem or scenario.

   o Choices are preceded by a capital letter, a closed parenthesis and one space: A), B) ….

   o Correct choice is indicated by and asterisk, *, at the beginning of the correct choice.

• Here’s a sample question:

1. Planet Earth, the third speck of cosmic dust from the sun, revolves around

A) The sun
B) The moon
C) Mars *
D) My head
E) The Milky Way

• Images, movies and sound files are added later. Don’t embed these with your questions. There is a size limit to the upload among other things, but images may not where to go.

Once your questions are uploaded, you can open them in a question editing window.

o Click on the appropriate toggle or button to upload your image file, or link to a movie etc.

o Image will appear where you have the cursor, but you can move them.

Uploading Questions

  • RTF file
  • Firefox
  • Login: https://ei.examsoft.com/GKWeb/login/iusm

• Either locate or create a folder to put your questions to be imported. 

• Click the Import Questions button 

A new window will appear

  • In the window, choose the destination folder
  • Browse for you RTF file
  • Next 

There may be syntax errors, if so display the error dialog box 

Two syntax errors are reported and the description will tell what needs to be done. Once fixed, click the Upload Compatible Questions button

Editing an existing question

  • Click the question number or title
  • Click the Create New Revision button

When finished, click the Approve button. If you don’t choose Approve, the question in its new form is not available for use in an assessment. 

Adding images

  • Need to be in the editing mode of the question.
  • Put the cursor where you want the image to appear.
  • Click image icon
  • Select from where your images are stored.
  • Click Send to Server.
  • Click the Approved button for the question as a whole.

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