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February 26, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

Rich Text Format (RTF) importing enables users to import multiple questions easily and quickly at once.  All questions can be exported from another system or created in a word document and saved as an .rtf file first to be imported into ExamSoft.  Questions can also be tagged with categories and saved into folders during this importing process. RTF will import text only, with no images.

Five question types can be entered via RTF Import:

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True / False
  3. Multiple Answer (Multiple Select)
  4. Essay (Short Response)
  5. Fill in the Blank.​ 

Formatting of imported questions will not be retained (e.g. bold, italics).

Minimum Required Formatting

Supported Fonts:  Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana
Supported Sizes: 8pt, 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 20pt, 22pt, 24pt, 26pt, 28pt, 36p, 48pt, 72pt

  1. The default question type is Multiple Choice. If the question is not multiple choice, you must identify the type:
    Essay (Type: E)
    Fill in the Blank (Type: F), where you can have a maximum number of 15 blanks
    True/False No type is required, first answer must be True
  2. For all questions, you must include:
    a. The question number followed by a parenthesis or period
    b. The question text
    c. Answer Choices (MC and TF only)
    Correct Answer (excluding Essay)

Multiple Choice Question

1. Select the best reason people want to come and live in the US today.
a. To live in poverty
b. To practice religious freedom
c. To find war or violence
*d. To escape bad governments

If you are importing only multiple choice questions, you may also include an answer key at the end of your document instead of including an asterisk before the correct answer (as shown above). 

Answer Key Example

1. Alexander Hamilton's economic program was designed primarily to:
a. prepare the United States for war in the event Britain failed to vacate its posts in the Northwest.
b. provide a platform for the fledgling Federalist Party's 1792 campaign.
c. establish the financial stability and credit of the new government.
d. ensure northern dominance over the southern states in order to abolish slavery.

2. By the end of the seventeenth century, which of the following was true of women in New England?
a. They had begun to challenge their subordinate role in society. 
b. They were a majority in many church congregations.
c. They did not vote in local elections.
d. They frequently divorced their husbands. 
e. They could lead town meetings.

1. c
2. b, c


2) Ronald Reagan was the 30th President of the United States.
a. True
b. False

Fill In The Blank

Type the question and use one of the five examples below to indicate where the blank is meant to appear:

_____ (five underscores)
__1__ (two underscores, a number, two underscores)
[1] (number in brackets)
[a] (lowercase letter in brackets)
[A] (capital letter in brackets)

For multiple correct answers, separate them using the pipe "|". 

Type: F 5) Franklin Roosevelt was the [a] during [b].
a. President
b. WWII|World War 2|World War II

Multiple Answers

Type: MA 3) Which of the following was true of a married woman in the colonial era?
a. She would be sentenced to debtors’ prison for debts incurred by her husband.
*b. She could not vote as her husband’s proxy in elections.
*c. She generally lost control of her property when she married.
d. She was the beneficiary by law of her husband’s estate.

Note: The answer key example shown above is an alternative format to import multiple answer questions. 


Type: E 4) Identify and explain the ideas/beliefs of Manifest Destiny.

Advanced Formatting

Basic formatting allows you to simply import the question with no additional information. Advanced Formatting options will allow you to include additional fields. Note that you can pick and choose which of these you would like to include in your import file. You must have the access rights to edit the folder paths and category structures to utilize some of these features.

Folder - Add "Folder:" followed by the Folder name at the very beginning of the question, before the number. You can indicate sub-folders by using the / between levels. In the event the folder does not yet exist, the importer will create the new folder following the folder tree indicated in the question. 

Title - Add "Title:" at the beginning of the question,  between the folder and the number. If not indicated, the title will be the first 26 characters of the question stem. 

Category - Add "Category:" at the beginning of the question, just before the number. You must include the full category path of the indicated category. You can indicate sub-categories by using the / (forward slash) between each level. To add multiple categories, use a , (comma) between each category path. 

Rationale - Add a ~ (tilde) followed by a space followed by the rationale statement after the question stem. 

Answer Comments - Add an @ (at symbol) followed by a space followed by the answer comment after an answer choice.

Folder: President Title:  Immigration to the US Category: American History/Immigration, American History 1) Select the best reason people want to come and live in the US today.
~This will assess reading comprehension, as this was mentioned in the text.
a. To live in poverty
b. To practice religious freedom
c. To find war or violence
*d. To escape bad governments @ As can be evidenced in the text.

Click here to download our sample RTF Question File. 

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