Exam Policies and Procedures

April 5, 2016 Josh Neidish

Courtesy of Ohio State University

In-class assessment: Exam-day Information

The following rules and guidelines are in place in an effort to ensure that students have efficient, fair and positive experiences on assessment days. ‐ All students must sign-in, be in their seats, with iPads/laptops turned on, setup and ready to start by the designated exam time. As soon as students enter the exam room, they should launch the exam and navigate to the "Begin Screen" and wait for instruction from the proctor indicating that it is okay to begin. Repeated late arrivals will result in a professionalism competency failure.

  • Students are not permitted to have anything open on their iPads/laptops in the exam room except the testing software (SofTest). They may only bring their iPad/laptop, charger, ear plugs and pencil. No bags, cell phones*, iPods/music players, purses, food, water, coffee, backpacks, notes, paper or anything else is allowed in the room.
    • *Cell phones are strictly prohibited. If a student is discovered with a cell phone, he/she will be escorted out of the room and receive a zero for that assessment.
  • Students must upload their exam file prior to leaving the lecture hall. If students are unsure if their file uploaded, they may go to examsoft.com/”yourschool’sportal” and check exam history for confirmation. If a student leaves the lecture hall / building without uploading or loses their exam file for any reason, they will receive a zero for that exam.
  • If a student’s iPad/laptop is not working, they will need to contact the Proctor to get it fixed or rent a loaner for the exam. Proctors will have a limited number of loaners available in the exam room on exam day for malfunctioning iPad’s/Laptop’s.

iPad Policies

Specialized cases/attachments for iPads are permitted. Students must ensure that their cases/attachment contains no notes or materials to aid them during assessments. Possession of these materials during the assessment will result in a zero for that assessment, even if the student had no intention of using them.

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