Student Responsibility Before Exam

April 5, 2016 Josh Neidish

Courtesy of University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio Dental School

Official Policy On Student Responsibility Before An Exam

1. Students must come to the exam/quiz having downloaded the test. No downloads are allowed at the exam.

2. Students should run the “Official Mock Test” and take care of technical troubleshooting issues through ExamSoft customer service BEFORE coming to the test. Password for the mock test is “Mock”

3. If there is a computer problem, it is the student’s responsibility to address that issue before coming to the exam, including getting a loaner replacement computer and downloading the exam to that computer. If the student gets a loaner replacement computer but has already downloaded the exam/quiz to the broken computer, the student needs to notify the faculty and request a second download of the exam to be placed on the loaner computer.

4. Students MUST report to the exam at least 10 minutes before the exam, put backpacks, phones, jackets, hats, etc. on the FRONT of the room, and sit in their pre-assigned exam seats.

5. Students MUST have SofTest running on their computers ready to input the password BEFORE exam/quiz time.

6. Students needing accommodations must report to their specially assigned exam rooms 10 minutes before their exam.

7. Exams/quizzes attempted to be uploaded after the upload deadline will not be accepted.

8. One, colored, blank sheet of paper will be assigned to each student. Each student MUST put their name on the paper and turn it in at the conclusion of the exam. Failure to turn in the sheet may result in a loss of point(s)

9. If the student is late, his/her exam will end at the original exam end time (typically 5 minutes before the scheduled exam end time). No extra time will be given and the exam must be uploaded before the upload deadline.

10. Student MUST show the exam proctor the green checkmark signifying a successful exam upload and hand in the colored blank sheet of paper before exiting the exam. Successful upload of the exam is the students’ responsibility.

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