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February 26, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

Users can create assessments to include questions that have been entered into ExamSoft.  It is recommended to tag questions with categories to measure learning outcomes.  Assessments can be constructed as exams administered on computers or iPads.

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Click Create New Assessment.

3. Depending on your portal settings, a window may pop-up asking you to select the Assessment type.  This document walks you through the process of creating an assessment From Question Bank.

5. Fill in the Title field, and then select the Type, Creator, and a Folder in which to save the assessment. 

6. If you would like to include a pre-assessment notice, select to Add Custom Notice or select from the available templates. Pre-Assessment Notices will show to students before starting an assessment and will be available to reference throughout the assessment. This is a great place to include an honor code or exam instructions.


Select your Scoring Type for the Assessment:

1. Default Weights - Use the default weights indicated when creating the questions
    Assign Evenly to All - Questions will all be worth the same points based on the Maximum           Points indicated by you
    Assign Proportionally - Questions weights will add up to Maximum Points indicated by you,       but will maintain weights proportional to their default weights
    Custom - Indicate new weights for each question on the Assessment

2. Select whether you would like to display scores when the student exits the exam. You can choose to include the Percentage, Raw Score, or both.

3. Select whether you want to Automatically Release Results. See this guide for more info on this feature. 

4. Select your Security Options:
    Secure Locks down the student's computer completely,     allowing access to only SofTest         during the exam
    Block Internet - Allows student to access applications and files on their computer, but                   removes internet access during the exam
    Randomize Sequence - Randomize the order of the questions for each student
    Randomize Choice - Randomize the order of the unlocked answer choices for student
    Time Limit - Limit the number of minutes the students can remain in the exam

5. Select the Options to Enable for the Assessment
    Spell Check - Allow students to use spell check on essay questions
    Suspend - Allow students to close SofTest mid-exam and pauses the timer while application        is closed (only available on non-secure assessments). Note, students using an iPad will be          able to leave the application on Non-Secure assessments without Suspend enabled, however      their timer will continue to run.
     Calculator - Allow students access to the calculator during the exam.
     Numbering - Show the numbers on the exam within SofTest
     Missing Answer Reminder - A pop-up will alert students when they attempt to close the              exam if they left a question blank
     Text Highlighting- Allow students to highlight 
     Backward Navigation - Uncheck this to prevent students from navigating to a previous                  question
     Force Answer - Forces students to answer each question before moving on (Backward                  Navigation must be disabled)
     Cut, Copy, Paste -  Allow students to Cut, Copy, and Paste within the Assessment

     Find and Replace - Allow students to use find and replace within the Assessment

     Show 5 Min Alarm - Alerts students when there is only 5 minutes left on the alarm (only              available on exams with time limit)

     Assessment Printing - Allows students to print from SofTest (only available on non-secure          assessments)
     iPad - Allows students to take the exam on iPad
     Notes - Provides additional window for students to take notes during the assessment
     Feedback - When notes is enabled, provides an additional checkbox for students to request        feedback on their notes from the faculty. See more information on this feature here. 

6. One assessment level Attachment can be added.  This attachment can be accessed at any time during the assessment. 

7. Set the font override. This will ensure all questions and answers appear in the same font to the students. Note, font overrides will only apply to what the students see during the exams. Font override will not affect any exam assessment printing or exporting.

8. Click Add Questions to Assessments to add questions to the assessment.  A window will appear to review and add questions by folder or by category.

9. To add questions to the assessment, locate the questions through searching, advanced search, or sorting by folder or category. Click the + sign to add questions individually, or check the box next to each question you wish to add and click Add Selected to Assessment.

10. Click Close. All added questions will appear in the question pane.

11. Click Save to save the question as a draft. Once saved you can choose to preview, print, or post the assessment. 

Reordering Your Questions

After adding questions to an assessment, you have two different options for re-ordering your questions.

Manually Reorder

1. Indicate the order you want your questions to be in by filling in the corresponding numbers into the text field in the order column. 

2. Once all question order fields have been filled in, click Reorder.

Reorder By Sort

3. Click on any one of the column headers to sort by that specific column.

4. Click the Reorder By Sort button at the bottom of the window.

The questions in the assessment are now reordered based on the column that the User chose to sort them by.

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