Lab Instructions

April 5, 2016 Josh Neidish

Courtesy of University of North Texas

Instructions for Test:

1. Log into the computer using your University ID and password.

2. Open SofTest and click download exam.

3. Log in to the ExamSoft Portal by typing your University ID and use your assigned password.

4. Wait for the proctor to give you the password for the test itself, which will be written on the whiteboard when it's time to begin.

5. When you’re finished, raise your hand after uploading the exam and the green screen with a checkmark appears. The proctor in your room will verify and then you can log out of the computer and leave the room.

**if SofTest is not on the desktop for your computer, raise your hand and you will be reassigned to a different computer

***no calculators are needed and will not be permitted

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