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April 5, 2016 Josh Neidish

Courtesy of New York College of Podiatric Medicine 


“For full functionality of the device to be preserved and to assure compliance with College examination security and Honor Code requirements, no student shall be permitted to modify, alter, remove, replace, tamper with or in any way make changes to the iOS of the iPad or the device itself. Students who modify alter, remove, replace, tamper with or in any way, make changes to the device will not be allowed to participate in exam sessions and will face official disciplinary action as a result. The use of this device is subject to all the standard internet and copyright security provisions regarding downloading, email and file transfer contained within the College handbook and existing governmental laws.”


How NYCPM Enforces this Policy

  • It is communicated frequently via email and verbally repeated at orientations, student introduction training sessions, new student arrivals, and at every vendor notification of pending/upcoming change.
  • Their internal Tech Support Service Desk sends reminder emails sporadically that “Students should not upgrade until instructed to do so.”
    • This includes incremental as well as next level version updates.
  • On any ‘next level’ version change (ex:  7 to 8, etc.), they await Examsoft‘s notification and stamp of approval to move forward.
  • On the incremental, they linger for a few weeks to see if any negative notifications surface.  Then, if nothing surfaces, they allow them to proceed.
  • Their Mobile Device Management capability also allows them to see who ‘Has/Hasn’t’ upgraded prior to and post approvals.
  • Students understand that any change made without approvals, that subsequently inhibit their exam experience will be counterproductive for them, in different ways.
    • Loss of time will not be returned
    • Charges may be incurred for borrowing another device
    • Firm dialogue may ensue with Dean of Students
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