Assessment and Question Level Attachments

February 26, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

Attachments add another dimension to assessments and questions. The system offers different ways to provide video, PDF, audio, and images for Exam Takers to access during their assessment. 

Embedded Images - Exam Takers can view images that have been embedded within the question stem or any of the answer choices. Students are not able to adjust size, zoom, or open these images in a separate window. You can include as many of these as you would like. 

Question Level Attachments - Exam Takers can view these attachments when they are reviewing the question that it has been attached to. 

Exam Level  Attachments - Exam Takers can access these attachments at any time throughout the assessment. 

Embedded Images

  • When creating a question, it is possible to embed images into the question stem or answer choices. 
  • Click the image icon to insert a jpg, jpeg, gif, or png file.


Question level attachments are best used when Exam Takers need to review a specific resource to answer a single question. It can only be viewed when they are on that specific question in the assessment.


  1. Open the question or assessment you wish to add your attachment to. 
  2. Drag your attachment to the Attachment box or click within the box to browse your computer's folder. 
  3. Once attached, you will see the attachment name in blue. Hover you mouse over this to see a preview of the attached file. 

Assessment level attachments are best used for resources that Exam Takers will need to access throughout the assessment (such as a case study, lab values / formulas, or terms / definitions). They will be able to access this ONE file at any time during the assessment by clicking the paper clip icon within SofTest.


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