Exam Taker's Performance Analysis

April 4, 2016 Josh Neidish

Exam Takers will be able to view their performance in all of their assessments.  The results will display the learning outcomes designated by the professor when they created each assessment. Exam Takers can choose to include the information pertinent to their analysis.  Exam Takers will be able to filter by: Date Ranges, Courses, Assessment Name.

Accessing the Performance Analysis

  1. Exam Takers will need to login into their institution’s homepage.
  2. Select the Performance tab. 
  3. Select a Date Range for the assessments. This is based on the posting information of the Assessments. 
    If the Courses filter does not become available, then there is NO assessment data in the date ranges selected.
  4. Select the Courses.
  5. Select the Assessments.
  6. Click Run report.

Understanding the Analysis Report

The Performance Analysis report displays the competency level for each category or learning outcome.  The professor has predetermined the specific category or learning outcome that was tagged to each question delivered on the assessments.

Topic = broad descriptor for each set of learning outcomes

Category/Learning Outcome = specific benchmarks

Exams/Assessments = # of exams this learning outcome has appeared in and has been graded

Questions = # of questions answered tagged with this particular learning outcome

My Average = % of questions answered correctly

Peer Average = % of questions that have been answered correctly by peers answering same questions

Improvement Area = check mark indicates areas that require additional academic focus and effort. (Learning Outcomes are marked as needing improvement if the score is below 50% or 20% below the class average.)


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