Reading Strengths and Opportunities Report

March 23, 2016 Josh Neidish

If an instructor decides to release the results of a previous exam, you will have the option to view what is known as, a Strengths and Opportunities report.
Note: You  may or may not see some items depending on what your professor chose to release.

The first sections consist of information regarding the assessment as well as your performance.

Above you will notice the Learning Outcomes for the assessment and how proficient you are in these areas based on assessment results. Symbols help to quickly identify areas of strength and concern for this exam. The ones noted in yellow and red are the categories where you have the most opportunity for improvement.

Once all of the Learning Outcomes (Categories) have been displayed within the report, the following pages will display the Questions within the Assessment, a color-coding system to easily identify which questions you answered correctly (green), incorrectly (red), or partial credit (yellow). The color-coding system also applies to the Question responses.

There are some instances where an Exam manager may need to adjust the scoring of the exam. If an Exam Manager chooses to Give Full Credit for a selected Question, the question number will show that you answered the question correctly; however, the response text may show in red. (see above).

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