Taking Exams with SofTest-M

March 18, 2016 Josh Neidish

One time iPad setup

Complete before exam day. This download takes a few minutes.
  1. Install and Register SofTest-M on iPad.
  2. Navigate to Settings on iPad and then to Privacy.
  3. Select Photos, and turn on SofTest-M*.
  4. *This ensures screenshots are not taken during an exam.
  5. Next, select General from Settings
  6. Select Accessibility.
  7. Turn on Guided Access, and set passcode. Note that you must remember this passcode to unlock your device. We recommend setting a passcode that you will easily remember. 
  8. Launch SofTest-M.
  9. Tap Options and download needed dictionaries.



Starting your exam   

  1. Launch SofTest-M.
  2. Go to Step 1: Download exams.
    Tap arrow to download your exam.
  3. Go to Step 2:  Take your exam
    Tap an exam name.
  4. If taking a secure exam, enable both:
    Airplane Mode (in your iPad’s Settings) 
    Guided Access (triple click home button to select Start)
  5. Enter Exam Password
  6. An Alarm Reminder can be set before starting your exam.
    Five more alarms can be set simultaneously during the exam.
  7. Select Start when ready to begin exam.
  8. Read through any pre-exam notices and tap Next. Enabled exam features are displayed in the Exam Settings.
  9. When instructed, type the word ‘begin’ and select Begin to launch your exam.

Taking your exam

  1. The blue action bar displays the exam settings including Guided Access (GA), and WiFi. Both turn green when enabled.
  2. To navigate from question to question, slide the green Next and Previous buttons, or use the Question List.
  3. If you are in a secure exam, you will be unable to leave SofTest during the assessment. If you are in a non-secure exam, you will be able to leave SofTest. If suspend is enabled on the assessment, the timer will not count down while outside of SofTest. If it is not enabled, then the timer will continue to count down.
  4. Select Save & Exit when you have completed your exam.

After your exam

Unless your answer file uploads immediately (open book exams only), follow these steps: 

  1. End Guided Access by Triple clicking the home button, selecting End, and entering the passcode you indicated when setting up Guided Access.
  2. Click home button once, select Settings, and turn off Airplane Mode.
  3. Launch SofTest-M, and your answer file will upload automatically.

NOTE: If you update SofTest-M before uploading you answer file, you will lose your answer file.


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