Course Management

March 3, 2016 Kelly Basara

In the Course Management section, users can add new courses and manage all created courses.  It’s easy to view all posted exams for each course with rollover tool tips, and quickly add or remove students for courses during the add/drop period.  Rosters can be printed for all courses along with the course information.

Create Course

  1. Hover over the Admin tab and select Courses. 
  2. Click  
  3. Enter course information.
    Course ID - Unique identifier for the course
    Course Name - Name that will appear when selecting course
    Course Owner  - Whoever is selected in this field will have access to view enrolled ETs from the Exam Taker Management screen even without Administrative RIghts
    Instructor - Used as a reference and as information on reports
    Start Date/End Date: Assessments can only be delivered to this course in this date range
    Master Course ID - Used when sub-sections are being used with the Blackboard Building Block

3. Click Save

4. To add multiple courses at a time, refer to our Importing Courses QRG.       

Navigating Courses

  1. From the courses page, a list of all Available Courses will display. These are courses that are currently active based on the Start and End Dates. To view Unavailable courses, use the drop down at the top of the screen to select All Courses or Unavailable Courses. You can search for course by Enrolled Exam Taker Name and ID, Course Name, or Course ID. 
  2. Click on the Course Name to view exams posted to this course. 
  3. Click   to edit course information.

Add/Remove Students

  1. Click  to add or remove students for a course. A pop-up will open with a list of students not enrolled and a list of enrolled students.
  2. Click    to add or remove one student at a time for each course. You can also select Add All to Course to add all students to the course. Use the Shift Key to select multiple students and use Add Selected to Course. Refer to our Importing Course Enrollments QRG for information on importing this information in bulk. 

Export Course Information

1. Click  icon to export course rosters.

2. Click either  to export course information.

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