Configuring Blackboard Secondary Accounts

March 3, 2016 Kelly Basara

One of the new features in ExamSoft’s new building block for Blackboard is the ability to utilize one instance of Blackboard to communicate with multiple ExamSoft databases.  

For example, if an institution has one instance of Blackboard that governs a dental, medical and a nursing school, and each of these schools have their own ExamSoft databases; the building block will allow independent communication with each specific ExamSoft database.

1. From the building block’s main screen, select the
Account’ option. This will take you to the
default account page where you can then select
the option to 
configure secondary accounts.

2. Select the Configure a Secondary ExamSoft Account button. 

3. You must first enable this feature by selecting the ‘Enable’ radio button.

4. After you have enabled this option, determine if you want to add the secondary ExamSoft account with or without Course Matching.

Secondary Examsoft acccounts can be added in two different manners: With Course Matching or Without Course Matching. The difference is that the course matching will allow you to automatically send courses to specific ExamSoft accounts by matching certain patterns in the course ID that you can specify. There are options to filter courses by the course prefix or suffix, or by using a delimiter option.

5. To add an account with Course Matching, select the ‘Add ExamSoft Account with Course Matching’ button, located at the top of the screen.

6. Name the new account then enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret that you received from your Customer Success Specialist or Implementation Consultant at ExamSoft.

7. After setting up the secondary account and pressing the Submit button, select the account to setup the course ID pattern matching criteria.

8. Determine whether you will match by Prefix, Suffix or Delimiter and then input the term by which to match. For example, if using the Prefix option, all courses whose IDs start with “ESUVET” will be automatically assigned to that specific ExamSoft database. This will also be true if using the Suffix option. Any matching course would have the associated key, secret, and lab state applied, rather than the default values.  The Delimiter option supports both a delimiter and account of delimiters to skip before testing for a match. For example, if the delimiter was “_” and the number to skip was “2”, a course ID such as xxxx_xxxx_ESUVET_xxxx would match.

When finished with the configuration settings, click the Submit button to complete the set-up. Repeat this process for any remaining accounts.

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