SofTest Make-up Exams

March 4, 2016 Kelly Basara

If an Exam Taker is not able to sit for an assessment at the scheduled time, you may elect to give that Exam Taker an opportunity to make up the missed exam.  This document outlines three different methods for setting up and administering make-up assessments. 

Option 1: Edit the Existing Posting

When an Exam Taker is going to miss, or has missed, an assessment on the original scheduled exam date, it is considered best practice to remove the assessment from the Exam Taker’s computer. This can be done automatically using Remote Assessment Deletion or manually by instructing the Exam Taker(s) to reverse download the exam. Afterward, you can choose to have the Exam Taker re-download the same assessment at a later date.

  1. If Remote Assessment Deletion is not enabled on the exam, instruct the Exam Taker to Reverse Download the assessment.
  2. Locate the assessment, and scroll down to the Posting section. You can edit the posting by clicking the pencil icon.      
  3. Close the End Date so the Exam Taker cannot re-download the assessment. If other students still need to download the assessment, leave the download window open and instruct the student to refrain from downloading the assessment.
  4. On the day of the make-up assessment, edit the assessment posting by changing the Download End Date to allow the Exam Taker to download the assessment.  If an upload deadline has been put in place, this may need to be extended to allow the make-up Exam Taker to upload the assessment. 

Option 2:  Create a Make-Up Course

  1. Using this method, you will create an entirely new course to re-post the assessment to.  It is important to note that ONLY Users with ‘Admin’ rights can create a course.
  2. Hover over the Admin tab at the top of the screen and select Courses
  3. Click the Create New Course button and fill in the information to create a Make-Up Course. You can indicate Start and End dates of the course that are very close to the testing date.
  4. After clicking Save, find the course you created in the list and click the  icon. From here, add the Exam Taker(s) that will be taking the make-up assessment. 
  5. Open the assessment that will be administered, and click Post. This can be a new assessment or you can post the original assessment again.
  6. Post the assessment to the newly created Make-Up Course.
  7. Exam Takers will download the assessment and follow normal procedures for taking the assessment.
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