Blackboard Grade Push

March 4, 2016 Kelly Basara


The ExamSoft® Grade Integration feature will allow you to send grades from the ExamSoft® portal back to your instance of Blackboard. The setup is comprised of only a few steps and will provide additional functionality in the portal. It is important to first contact your Customer Success Specialist to begin the setup process. You must also provide ExamSoft® with an accesible URL to your Blackboard Installation. 
For example:

1. Go to ‘Courses’ at the top of the Blackboard page, and select the course you are going to be working in.

2. Once in the correct course, go to the leftside navigation bar and expand the ‘Course Tools’ section.











3. To ‘Push’ grades from ExamSoft® to Blackboard, you need to ensure that you can log in to ExamSoft® from Blackboard.

A. If the ExamSoft Registration button is available, click on it and use your ExamSoft® ID and password to log in. This should only appear once if you log in correctly.

B. If the button is not available, go to Customization, and then click on Tool Availability. Scroll down to ExamSoft Registration, and click Available. After it is enabled, follow step 3A.





**Make sure that the Key Admin for your institution has created an ExamSoft® profile for you.**

4. Once you are logged into ExamSoft® through Blackboard, click on the ‘Assessments’ tab at the top of the ExamSoft® page.






5. Find the folder where the assessment is located.

6. You will see a column in the Assessment listing titled Push Grades to LMS.  Note:  If that column is not present, click on the cog wheel at the top and select Push Grades to LMS to add it.

7. On the assessment that has been graded, click the Push Grades button.

8. Select Grade Column:
In the modal window, select a Grade Column, or create a new one.  Then, select the Score Type.

9.  Click ‘Send Grades to LMS.’ Before ExamSoft® sends grades to Blackboard, the building block will check to see if all students and IDs are valid for the course.  If any Exam Takers are not enrolled in the course on the Blackboard side, the following message will be displayed:




10. ConfirmationAfter the grades have been successfully pushed from ExamSoft® to Blackboard, the following confirmation screen will appear:





11. Verify Grades in Blackboard:
Following the receipt of the confirmation screen, check that the grades are present in the Grade Center for the desired course:

Once you have verified that the grades are present in the desired course and column, the grade integration process is complete.  Be sure to run all of the detailed reports available in the ExamSoft® portal, like the Item Analysis, Category Report, End of Exam Faculty Report and the Student Strengths and Improvement Opportunities Report!

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