Point-Based Performance Assessments

March 7, 2016 Kelly Basara

When creating an assessment in the ExamSoft Portal, Users have the option to choose questions from the question bank or to create a Performance-Based Assessment. Performance-Based Assessments give Users the ability to assess Exam Takers without having to deliver an assessment through SofTest.

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Click on the Create New Assessment button.

3. Select the Performance Grading option.

4. A User can create an assessment scored by Points or Rubrics. In this document, the focus will be on assessments scored by Points. To read how to score by Rubrics, view the Assessing with Rubrics Quick Reference Guide.

5. Type in the name of the assessment in the Title, select the Creator, the assessment Type, the Folder location, and set the Max Points (which defaults to 100).

6. Click Save.

7. Once the assessment is saved, click Post.

8. Select the Course that this assessment is available to. Enter a Posting End Date. You can check the box Suppress Posting Emails which will prevent emails from going to the student regarding the assessment.  You can also share instructions with the students or require the students to submit a file as their response.

For more information on these options, check out Posting Assessments with Rubrics.

9. Click Save Changes.

10. Once the assessment is posted, Users can view the assessment information and Exam Taker Activity as well as navigate through the Scoring Options, Grade, and Reporting/Scoring tabs.

11. To grade the assessment, click the Grade tab. 


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