Advanced Essay Grading with Points

March 7, 2016 Kelly Basara

Depending on the settings for your ExamSoft Portal, you may or may not see all that is included within this guide.

  1. Navigate to an assessment with Essays that has been delivered.
  2. Click the Grade Essays tab within the Assessment. 
  3. Clicking this will take you to the Grading Setup screen. Here you will see a list of the Essay Questions on the Assessment, the Max Points for each essay question, Grading Type, and Actions. The last two rows of the grid will also display the Objective question points, as well as the total assessment points.

From this screen, you can select whether each essay question will be graded using points or by assigning a rubric to the essay. This guide will review grading with points. For grading with Rubrics, please refer to our Rubrics Essay Grading guide.


  1. To grade an essay using points, select points in the Grading Type column and click Manage Settings/Grade
  2. The screen will show the posting information, grading setup, and grading assignments. Note that at the top of this screen you can navigate between various postings and essay questions on the assessment.

Below that, you will see two tabs: Basic Grading and Advanced Grading Assignments

Basic Grading

  1. Basic Grading will allow anyone with access to the assessment to grade all Exam Taker’s responses for this particular question.  To start grading, click Grade Question.
  2. A new window will show all exam takers this assessment was made available to.  Next to any Exam Takers that has uploaded their exam, you will see a Grade button in the actions column. In addition, you will see a Grading Progress bar for each Exam Taker as well as an Overall Grading Progress bar at the top your screen.

  3. Click Grade next to an Exam Taker will bring you to the grading screen. On the left, you can see the question as well as the Exam Taker’s response with options to change the spacing and font size of the Exam Taker’s response. On the right, you will see a field to indicate the student’s point score and a field to add comments.

  4. Enter the points and any applicable comments. Click Save to save your grading. You can then choose to navigate to the Next Question or Next Exam Taker.

Advanced Grader Assignments

  1. Click the Advanced Grader Assignments tab to setup the grader assignments for another person, or select multiple people to grade. From this tab, you will be able to add grader assignments, as well as view the type of grader assignment(s), percentage value of the grade(s) for the essay question, the ID of the grader along with the number of Exam Takers assigned to them, a percentage of progress, the grading end date, average score, and an actions column.
  2. Click Add Grader Assignment(s) to create a new assignment.

For information on adding Grader Assignments, refer to our detailed guide on Advanced Grader Assignments. This will detail how to set up Multiple Grader assignments.


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