Grade Scales and Scaled Scores

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

Users are able to create a grade scale that is unique for their assessments or for the institution. ExamSoft provides a system default grade scale.  The grading scale can be automatically generated by entering the maximum points and then making the necessary changes to present Exam Takers with a letter grade, points earned, and percent or a combination of all three.

Reviewing Grade Scales

1. Click the Assessments tab.

2. Select a posted assessment.

3. Navigate to the Adjust Scoring section.

4. Click the Grade Scales tab.

5. The System Default grade scale will be set for the exam with the letter grades ranging from A to F with corresponding Minimum Points and Exam Percent Scores.

Editing Grade Scales

1. To edit any given letter grade, click . This will open a modal window where you can change the Letter Grade and Minimum Points/Percentage.

2. To remove a letter grade, click 

Creating a New Grade Scale

  1. Click Create Grade Scales to create an additional letter grade.

  2. Type in the letter grade, then either the percentage or minimum points. When one of the fields is filled in, the other one automatically populates.
  3. Click Save.

Setting a Default Grade Scale

  1. Once you have edited, created, and removed the existing grade scales to match your needed grading structure, you can select to make this your default grade scale. To do so, click Set My Default.
  2. The next time you visit the Grade Scales Tab for any other assessment you can click the My Default button to apply your specific grade scale. To revert back to the original default grade scale, you can click the System Default  button.
  3. All exam scores will be displayed in the on-screen graph which can be altered using the scoring increments box and then clicking Update Graph.

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