Snapshot Viewer & Log Files

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

Snapshots capture information on how an Exam Taker is progressing throughout an assessment. The Snapshot Viewer provides a report that time stamps the specific actions and the exact responses entered by the Exam Taker. This Viewer enables the User to review the answers submitted and changed, as well as analyze the Exam Taker’s behavior during the assessment.

Reviewing Snapshot Viewer

1. Select the Assessments tab.

2. Select the assessment you would like to view snapshots from.

3. Select the Exam Taker Activity Tab.

4. Select the Camera icon next to the Exam Taker’s name to view their individual Snapshot Report for that assessment.

5. A new window will appear displaying the snapshots taken on this assessment. Snapshots will be taken when the following actions are taken by the student:

  • Exam Begin
  • Exam End
  • Answer Selected
  • Capture of Entire Answer File Every 10 Minutes
  • Screenshot of Essay Answers if more than 500 characters are removed
  • Text typed and removed
  • Navigation to the next item

6. ​From this window you are able to identify:

  • Item and Snapshot number
  • Item Type
  • Time Stamp (Time is documented when navigating from the question indicated)
  • Trigger
  • Exam Taker’s response (including character count for essays)

7. You can export the information on this window as an Excel or CSV icon by clicking on the Export files at the top of the screen.

Viewing Log Files

Log files provide a more in-depth review of an Exam Taker’s behavior during an assessment. There is an entry for every action performed by an Exam Taker from the opening of an assessment to the closing. The files also contain system details about the Exam Taker’s device.

1. Click the yellow notepad icon to view the Log Files.

2. The Log Files will open in a new tab. Logs include detailed information on the behavior of SofTest throughout the exam.


Reasons to review the Log Files:

  • An error occurred during the assessment.
  • Academic integrity issues.
  • Needing a detailed report on Exam Taker behavior and/or computer behavior during the assessment.
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