Adjusting Questions and Answer Key

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

Users are able to adjust the correct answer for each question in an assessment or set a new answer key for an entire assessment. When scoring an assessment, users can change the assigned categories for a question, or the scoring options for an item to give full or partial credit, throw out an item all together, or designate it as a bonus question.

Adjusting Questions

  1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.
  2. Open a posted assessment.
  3. Navigate to the Adjust Scoring tab in that assessment. The questions in the assessment will be listed.
  4. To make Individual changes to multiple answer choices, click the pencil icon in the actions column.  A new window will appear showing the question, original answer choices and providing the option to adjust the question.
  5. To change the correct answer for Multiple Choice, and True/False Questions, select the correct answer in the Adj. Answer column.
     - When making answer choice adjustments to Select all that Apply question types, the User         must select the new answer choice from the Adj. Answer column. Doing so will require the       exam takers to have selected all answer choices in order to receive full credit for this                   question. If you must make adjustments to a Select all that Apply question type, we                     recommend changing the Scoring Option for this question as well. Select all that Apply               question types do not allow for partial credit scoring. 
    If there are multiple Adjusted answers selected, you must select one of the following in the Scoring Options Drop-Down:
  6. Accept Any Adjusted Answer - Credit given for selecting any of the checked answers
    Accept Adjusted Answer - Credit given if they selected all of the checked answers
  7. To change the correct answer for Fill-in-the-blank Questions, you can type in additional accepted answers within the Adjusted Answer field using the vertical bar | to separate accepted answers. You can also see a list of  answers submitted by the student, the percentage of students that submitted the answer, and click the Green Plus Sign to accept each answer individually.
  8. Alter the weight of the question by indicating a new point value in the Adjusted Weight field.
  9. Using the Scoring Options drop-down menu, you can also select to:
    Give Credit to all Exam Takers - All students will receive credit for this question
    Throw out the Question - Makes the weight of the question 0 and removes it from reports
    Mark as Bonus Question - This will remove this question from counting towards to overall available points on the assessment. Students will still get credit for getting it correct, and may potentially award them with a score greater than 100%.

Note that making these changes will only affect the current assessment. To update the question permanently, create a new revision of the question.

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