Reporting & Scoring Overview

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

ExamSoft provides various reports that enable users to track individual student performance, how well an assessment performed, and to evaluate the difficulty of questions along with the quality of the distractors. The two most common reports are the Summary and Release Results reports.

All reports can be accessed from the
Reporting/Scoring dropdown menu on
the Assessments home page, viewed 

on-screen, and exported in CSV, Excel
or PDF formats.

Summary Reports

This report provides users with an end of exam performance review. It details Exam Takers and category performance, as well as the effectiveness of each question on the assessment. A list of the lowest 27% of performing students on this assessment is generated in this report.

Strengths and Opportunities Report

This is the Standard Report option when releasing results to Exam Takers. It shows an individual Exam Taker’s score on an exam and their performance in specific learning  outcomes or categories used in the exam.

Category Report

This report provides the statistical performance
of each category on an exam.  Users can select
whether the report will 
be a summary of the
or by Exam Taker.

Item/Question Analysis

This report provides a breakdown of the 
statistical performance of Multiple Choice,
in the Blank, andTrue/False type
questions. Users will simply:


1. Scroll down the ‘Item Type’ menu to select the individual question type, or all types.

2. Select the categories to include in the report.

3. Select the options that will provide the additional pertinent information for the user review.

Exam Taker Results

This report provides the specific details of how
each Exam 
Taker performed on an assessment.
can be a powerful conferencing tool.

1. Select the options to appear on the report.

2. Click Histograms to view graphs displaying the distribution of scores. It provides a frequency of scores in each interval. Changing the intervals changes the appearance of the histogram and presentation of data.

Assessment Performance Reports

ExamSoft provides various additional reports
that track various assessment performances
(such as unanswered essay 
questions, missing
keyword, or absentee list).

1. Select the report to view from the drop down menu.

2. Select which posting of theexam from the second drop down menu.

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