Assessment Review and Scoring

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

After an assessment has been administered, users have access to a plethora of information to view the content of the assessment, Exam Taker activity, importing answers, adjusting the scoring, grading essays, and accessing reports.


The Contents tab gives an overview for an assessment by listing questions, assessment blueprint, notices, and other assessment options along with a listing of the completed postings.

  1. Click Preview to review the assessment before posting it for download.
  2. Click Duplicate to create a copy of the assessment.
  3. Click Retire to prevent the assessment from being posted again.
  4. Click Post Assessment to repost an exact copy of this assessment.
  5. Click Export/Print to view printing options such as when creating a Scantron® exam.   

Refer to Scantron Exams and Import Answers and Editing an Assessment.

Exam Taker Activity

The Exam Taker Activity tab shows each Exam Taker and information that pertains to each one.

  1. To toggle between exam postings, or to view all, use the drop down menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose an Exam Taker’s name to view their download and upload history. 
  3. Click    to increase max downloads of exams permitted for each Exam Taker. 
  4. Deselect those Exam Takers in the Score column that should not be included in scoring calculations.
  5. To email a group of Exam Takers, select the Exam Takers and click Bulk Email Selected.
  6. Click    to increase downloads, add comments, or mark Exam Takers.
  7. Click    to view the Strengths and Opportunities Report.
  8. Click    to view the Snapshot charting actions during assessment.
  9. Click    to email an individual Exam Taker.
  10. Click    to view the options for adding columns to your search results. 

Please refer to our Snapshot Viewer and Strengths and Improvement Opportunities Report guides for more information.

Import Answers

For accounts that have this option enabled, the Import Answers tab allows users to upload Scantron® answers for a posting.

  1. Select the assessment posting from the scroll down menu.
  2. Browse the computer for the tab delimited (.txt) file.
  3. At the Import Validation window, click Next.
  4. If errors are present, click Download Error Report.
  5. Click Import Selected Rows to import the Scantron® file.

For more information, please refer to our Scantron Exams & Importing Exams guide.

Adjust Scoring

The Adjusting Scoring tab allows users to adjust the answer key, questions, grading scales and scaled scoring. This parent tab can be separated into (at most) 3 sub-tabs: 

  • Adjust Scoring
  1. To adjust the total score for the assessment, type in the New Total in the blank.
  2. Choose Equal to distribute the points equally amongst
    the questions. Choose Proportional to distribute the
    points proportionally.
  3. Click Auto Adjust Points to save changes.
  4. Click Change Answer Key to change the answer key per question.
  5. Click    to adjust the question.
  • Grade Scales
  1. Set the maximum points to the assessment in the Maximum Points blank.
  2. Click Set My Default to set your new user default grading scale.
  3. Click Create Grade Scale to create the grading scale.
  4. Click    to adjust the grading scale.
  5. Click    to delete the grading scale.
  • Scaled Scoring

Users can import a customized grade scale that
correlates raw scores to specific scaled scores.
sample file conversion table is provided. Items
that have a zero point value will be EXCLUDED 
the raw score, and not affect the scaled score value. 

Grade Essays

The Grade Essays tab allows users to view, grade, provide comments and print essay questions. Each Essay Grader must be assigned the user permissions for essay grading.

  1. Choose a Question number to begin grading.
  2. Click Assign to assign graders for the essay questions.
  3. Set the max points for the essay question
    in the Max Points blank.
  4. Click the ID to read, grade, and add
    comments to individual essay questions.
  5. Click Save Comments to save the comments.
  6. Click    to print the essay answer.
  7. To adjust the text size onscreen of the answer, click  

For more information, please refer to our Essay Grading guide. 


The Reporting/Scoring tab allows for viewing and printing assessment reports. Hover over each report in the portal to view an example of each. These reports include:

  • Summary Reports 
  • Category Reports 
  • Item/Question Analysis
  • List of Student Scores
  • Assessment Performance Reports
  • Release Results Directly to Students 

 Please refer to our Reporting & Scoring guide for more information.

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