Scantron Exams & Importing Answers

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

When this feature is enabled for an account, users are able to provide Scantron® exams to their Exam Takers.  Answer files can be quickly imported into the ExamSoft system.  All answer files will be included in the analytical reports provided through ExamSoft.

Set up Scantron Exam

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Select the desired assessment and ensure assessment has been posted

3. Click Export/Print.

4. To print exams, select Exam Taker.

5. Select Scantron Format from the dropdown menu and number of versions.

6. Click Print/Export Exam.

ONLY True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, and/or Fill in the Blank (FITB) questions can be imported. If using a bubble sheet with more than one section for FITB questions or a bubble sheet that does not have an option to bubble in multiple versions, you should NOT generate multiple versions of the exam.

Importing Answers

1. Use your current software program (i.e. Remark, Score IT, Scantron®, Apperson) to export the raw data as a .csv file.

2. Open the exported .csv file in Excel.

3. Check to make sure the columns are in the following correct order WITHOUT any header rows:

  • Column A:  Student ID (can be alpha-numeric).
  • Column B:  Test Form Version.
  • Column C:  Empty Column (blank) .
  • Column D:  Student Answers to Question 1.
  • Column E:  Student Answers to Question 2 
    (and so forth).

4. Save as .csv file.

5. Select a specific posting. 

6. Click Import Answers.

When importing FITB answers, up to 25 characters can be imported. The ONLY special characters allowed include: period, $, %, <, < , -, +, space.

7. Upload the answer file and click Next.

8. At the Import Validation screen, click


9. Select the Exam Takers to import and click
Import Selected Rows. Any errors appear in red.

10. An import confirmation screen will appear.  Any errors will be noted in red.

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