Getting Started with Rubrics Grading - Users

March 9, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Rubric Grader Accounts are a quick and easy way to designate accounts used solely for grading with Rubrics

First Time Set-up

An Institution’s Key Administrator must first create the Rubric Grader’s account. Once the Grader account has been created, a confirmation email will be sent to the User’s address.  This email will include a direct link to the login page, their username, and a randomly generated temporary password.

New Graders will log into their Institution’s ExamSoft® portal using their temporary password. Once the new Grader clicks the Login button, they will be directed to a new page requiring them to enter a permanent password.  If the Grader wishes to change this password in the future, request to reset password must be made to their Institution’s Key Administrator. 

Once logged in, the new Rubric Grader will be presented with a very simple dashboard.
If the User is already in the system, the User will be added to the Grader list and will use their current login information to access Rubrics for Grading. Once this type of User successfully logs in, they will experience no change to their current navigation choices or access rights.

Getting Started with Rubric Grading

To begin the Grading process, click the Start Grading button. A modal window will appear showing the assessments assigned to the Grader, a progress bar for each assignment, and an Actions column to start, or continue, the grading process.

This view is like the basic grading sheet.  Graders can view the Assessment name, the Course a particular assessment is posted to, the Grading Progress — displayed as a progress bar as well as percentage value—and Actions column containing the Grade button.

Select an Assessment to grade from the grid and click the Grade button. The grading sheet will open for that specific Assessment.  Here, the Grader can Grade, or Re-Grade, each Exam Taker assigned to them.

The progress bar at the top of the grading sheet shows overall Grading Progress for the selected Assessment as well as a percentage of completion value.

Located below the progress bar is a button to Set Preferences as well as a list of Exam Takers, their ID, Grading Progress, and Grade (if grading has been completed). ExamSoft® also offers Graders the option to re-grade any Exam Taker.

Note:  Selecting the Re-Grade option forces the Grader to re-grade a specific Exam Taker. This action is permanent, and cannot be undone.

Once the Grader has graded all assigned Exam Takers, the Grading Progress bar will be completely filled, denoting 100% completion. Once grading is complete, the Grader may simply navigate back to the main Rubrics page and select the next assessment for grading, or the Grader may select the Grade Assessments option from the drop-down menu located at the top right corner of any page.  If there are any assessments that need to be graded, the Grade Assessments option will be populated with the number of remaining ungraded assessments.

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