Remote Assessment Deletion

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

Remote Assessment Deletion allows Users to configure a date and time after which an assessment that has not yet been taken will be removed from the Exam Taker’s computer. Please Note: Remote Assessment Deletion cannot be enabled or disabled once an assessment has been posted.

1. Create a secure assessment.

2. Post the assessment.

3. Locate the Additional Security Options section at the bottom of the posting window. 

4. Click the Remote Assessment Deletion checkbox, and select a deletion date and time. The Remote Deletion Date must fall after the posting Download End time. The user may choose to edit the Remote Assessment Deletion Date and Time after the secure assessment has been posted.

5. The next time SofTest checks the ExamSoft servers after the Remote Assessment Deletion Date and Time has passed, any untaken assessment files will be identified as expired and removed from the Exam Taker’s computer. SofTest checks the ExamSoft servers on a fixed periodic schedule.

6. When an assessment is deleted from an Exam Taker’s device, the Deleted date and time will appear in the Exam Taker Activity tab of the assessment.

7. Once the Deletion Date has passed, you will only be able to edit the Upload Deadline.

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