Ping and Release

March 9, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Ping and Release feature will check the ExamSoft server when an Exam Taker tries to start an assessment to ensure it is the first time the Exam Taker has accessed the assessment. If the assessment was accessed earlier, the Ping and Release feature will not allow the Exam Taker to resume the assessment unless a Resume Code is entered by an Exam Manager or Proctor.

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Create an assessment.

3. Locate the Additional Security Options
section at the bottom of the posting window.

4. Click the Ping & Release check box.

5. A dialogue box will appear with a warning indicating that for Ping and Release to take effect, the Exam Taker must be connected to the Internet right before and after an assessment.

6. Click OK.

Ping and Release is available for both secure and non-secure assessments. If the Exam Taker is completing a secure assessment, their device must be connected to the Internet prior to launching the assessment for Ping and Release to take effect. When the Exam Taker begins the secure assessment, SofTest will automatically disconnect the device from the internet.

Student View 

1. If the Exam Taker attempts to start an assessment while not connected to the Internet, a dialogue box will appear prompting him or her to either connect to the Internet or ask for
assistance from a proctor.


2. If the Exam Taker does not connect to the Internet, he or she will be given a continuation code.  This continuation code will be used to obtain the resume code, which will allow the Exam Taker to complete the assessment.


Ping and Release is a great tool used by Exam Managers to ensure that Exam Takers do not take an assessment more than once, unless it is the intention of the Exam Manager. Through  the process of pinging the ExamSoft server before and after an assessment, SofTest undergoes its own system of checks and balances to ensure assessment security.



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