Category Report

March 10, 2016 Mariah Engel

Category Reports provide users with an in depth analysis of learning outcomes. Analyzing category reports helps Users to assess the specific academic strengths and weaknesses of individual exam takers or entire courses of exam takers.  

  1. Navigate to the Assessments page.
  2. Select an assessment that has been posted and taken by students.
  3. Navigate to the Reporting/Scoring tab.
  4. Click Category Reports. 
  5. Set up your settings for the report:
  6. ​​Select the categories to include in the report. By clicking Select Categories, a modal window will open with the category tree. Check each category that you would like to include results on.
  7. Indicate if you would like to see report as a Summary or By Exam Taker.
    Summary - Overall results for a particular category based on all exam takers
    Exam Taker - Shows Category Performance by Individual Exam Taker
  8. Checking Category Statistics will include the KR20, Standard Deviation, Mean, Median, Minimum, and Maximum.
  9. Checking Category Full Path will show the path to the location of the category.
  10. Checking Group by Parent will group categories with the same parent category together when the results are exported to PDF. 
  11. After selecting all of your options, click View Report. 
  12. The results will populate below your selected settings.
  13. Users also have the option to export this report as CSV, Tab Delimited Excel, or PDF by selecting the icons in the upper or bottom right hand corners. 
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