Longitudinal Analysis Report

March 10, 2016 Mariah Engel

The Longitudinal Analysis Report shows how Exam Takers performed in categories that appeared on exams over a period of time.   It allows Users to conduct a deeper analysis of Exam Takers’ performance to determine patterns of success in order to make more accurate predictions about student ability and develop appropriate interventions.   This report is important in determining the academic growth of Exam Takers, and it provides key achievement data for accountability purposes.

  1. Select the Longitudinal Analysis section of the Reports tab.
  2. In the Primary Filter select the post dates, Users, and courses. Note that this will filter based on the posting information of the Assessment. 

  3. In the Secondary Filter select the Assessment Type and choose the Assessment. Click the Include Rubric check box to include data from performance assessments that have rubrics attached.  De-selecting this option but selecting to include “Performance” assessment types will include points-based performance assessments only. 
  4. In the Final Filter, select the categories desired, the Exam Taker Group being analyzed, and the specific Exam Takers to be included.  Then, select from the remaining available options:
    # Points - Includes a seperate column for category point value in results
    Questions with Zero Point Value  - Include questions that had a weight of 0 points
    Category Full Path - Include the Category Path in the Category Names

    Include Total Points Available - Includes total points available per category as part of results
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. The report will generate on screen. Each column indicates a specific Category. The first row will show the number of assessments that meet the criteria selected and have a question with that category. The second row will show the number of that meet the criteria selected and are tagged with the category. The third row will include the average score on that category for the selected Exam Takers. Below that each row will show the score for a single Exam Taker in each of the categories. 
  7. This report can be exported via CSV or Excel.
  8. Clicking the Exam Taker’s name will show their individual Longitudinal Analysis Report.


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