Posting an Assessment

March 10, 2016 Kelly Basara

Once you have created an assessment, you are ready to post it. This will make it visible to Exam Takers for download. Note that it may take up to 15 minutes to be available for download. There are many options to post an assessment to optimize the assessment experience.  You can adjust the dates for downloading exams, and set a required uploading deadline for answer files. Plus, you can schedule email reminders for Exam Takers

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Create a new assessment or select an
assessment that has already been made.

3. Click Post Assessment.

4. Complete the Exam Posting Options:

a. Assessment Passwords are required to
post an assessment. The password must
be a minimum of 6 
characters and are case-sensitive.

b. Select the Course for which to assign the assessment from the drop-down menu.  

  • You can choose to only show the courses that have been assigned to you by selecting the "Only Show My Courses" option. With this option selected, the Course dropdown will be populated with the courses where you have been designated as a Course Owner. If no Courses have been assigned to you, this dropdown will list all Available courses.

    c. Enter the name of the Instructor as well as the Grade Column Name.

    5. Enter the Download Start and End dates using the calendars.

    Additional Assessment Settings:

    • Download/Upload Email Reminders (sent at 2am EST) The Download and Upload Email Reminders will only be sent to Exam Takers that have not Downloaded or Uploaded their answer files.
    • Upload Deadline (You can set the date and time.)
    • Assessment Scheduled for (This date is important to ExamSoft for internal planning purposes. Please be sure to provide this information.)
    • Maximum Downloads (Set at ONE by default)

    6. Assessment Review (Optional)

    Users have the option to enable Secure Exam Review, whereExam Takers can review their results immediately upon the completion of a secure exam, or after a certain amount of time has passed with Delayed Review. A password is required for both and a time limit is imposed to review their assessments. The default time limit is 30 minutes.  

    • Show Incorrect Answers Only lets Exam Takers review only the items they answered incorrectly. 
    • Show Rationale allows Exam Takers to review the rationale entered by the creator.

    For more information on Secure Exam Review...

    7.  Additional Security Options (Optional

       * Call your Customer Success Specialist to have these features enabled

    Remote Assessment Deletion allows
    Users to configure a date and 
    time after
    which an assessment that has not yet
    been taken will be 
    removed from the Exam
    Taker’s computer

    • Click the Remote Exam Deletion checkbox, and select a deletion date and time. The Remote Deletion Date must fall after the posting Download End time. 

    The Ping and Release feature will check the ExamSoft server when an Exam Taker tries to start an assessment to ensure it is the first time the Exam Taker has taken the assessment. If the assessment has already been started, the Ping and Release feature will not allow the Exam Taker to resume the assessment unless a Resume Code is entered by an Exam Manager or Proctor.

    Once an Exam Taker downloads an exam, the posting cannot be deleted. If you discover a mistake, change the download date to a retroactive date on the Assessment  page. In this way, no additional Exam Takers can access the assessment. Create a new Assessment (with a new name) or duplicate the previous one, making your necessary changes and repost. Then, have Exam Takers download this new assessment posting. For more information please review the Make-Up Assessment QRG

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