Creating Categories

March 15, 2016 Mariah Engel

Categories give users the means to assess and improve curriculum, feedback loops, and overall standards. The process of creating Categories is very simple, yet their impact extends far beyond their simple implementation. 

  1. Navigate to the Categories tab. 
  2. Your existing Category structure will be shown on screen. Click the plus sign next to a Category Name to see any categories stored within it. 
  3. To create a Category, simply click the Create New Category button. 
  4. In the Create New Category modal window, enter a Title and Description for the category. The title will be visible on throughout the portal. The Description will only be visible from this screen. Select the Destination from the drop-down menu, as shown below. The destination is the category that this Category will be stored under. 
  5. Click Create to create the Category. Click Create and Add Another if you would like a blank create category window to pop-up so that you can continue creating categories. 



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