Assessment Grade Export

March 10, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Grade Export feature allows Users to export the results from an assessment taken in SofTest to a LMS, via Manual upload or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).  

Setting Your Preferences

Before a User can export grades for the first time, they must set their Grade Export Preferences.

  1. Hover over your name in the right-hand corner of the screen to access the account settings and preferences drop-down menu.  Click on My Preferences.
  2. You can select to have the grade export sent to your email. To do so, check Sent to Email and verify your email address. Then, select the option to export grades, either Manually or Automatically on Release Results. Manually requires that you open the assessment and click Grade Export. Automatically will do it as soon as you release results to students.
  3. Below that review the list of columns that can be included.  Make sure that all desired columns have the Included column checked.
  4. The Order column corresponds to the column number that these fields will appear in when exported.
  5. Export Column Name is the customizable name of the column when the field is exported. You can update this field to include your desired name.
  6. Click on Save Preferences.

Exporting Grades

  1. Navigate to an Assessment that has been posted and delivered.
  2. Navigate to the Scoring/Reporting tab and select Exam Taker Results.
  3. On the Exam Taker Results page, click Grade Export.
  4. A pop-up windows will appear.
  5. In the Column Name field of the Grade Export window, type in the column name for the Assessment.  The Grade Column Name should match the grade-book that the Grade Export file will be sent to.
  6. Select the Export Type and click Export.


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