Creating Grader Accounts

March 11, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

A Grader Account is a feature based on ExamSoft User accounts that ONLY has access to assessment grading.  These accounts can be managed in the account preferences section and user management section of the portal.  Grader Accounts can only grade the list of assessments they have been assigned. They will have no access to any other area of the portal. Unlike regular user accounts, Grader accounts can be created by any user within the ExamSoft system; it is not limited to users with administrative rights. 

Create a Grader

1. Hover over your name in the Upper-Right hand corner of the screen and select Manage Graders.

2. Click the Create Grader button.

3. The Create Grader button will allow the User to create an ExamSoft account with grading-only access rights.  In the Create Grader Account modal window, enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the Grader. You can also choose to click the checkbox to pre-select the ‘Hide Exam Taker information’ option when added to a grading sheet. Note that if the email you enter matches another user account within the Portal, you will receive a pop-up notification alerting you and allowing you to add this existing account to your list of Graders.

4. Once the account has been created, New Users will receive a notification email, including instructions for accessing the portal and a Temporary Password that must be changed on first log in. 

5. Once the grader has been added, the user will now see the Grader listed under Manage Graders. Additionally, they will have an Actions column available to them. 


  • Edit – Click on the pencil icon to access the edit function. Note:  This option will appear ONLY for Administrators with user rights privileges.  Contact your Administrators to make changes to the Grader’s user account.

  • Mail – Click on the envelope icon to email the Grader.

  • Reset Password – Click on the key icon to reset the password for the Grader. Clicking Yes in the pop-up window will generate an email prompting the Grader to reset their password.

  • Delete – Click on the “x” button icon to remove the Grader from your Grader list.

User Management

In addition to being able to create Grader Accounts from the Account Preferences section of the portal, Grader Accounts can be created, deleted, and upgraded from the User section of the portal. Note that you must have Administrator rights to access this section. 

1. Hover over the Admin tab at the top of the screen and select Users

2. Verify that Include Grader-Only Accounts is checked at the top of the list. This will allow you to see Grader-Only accounts within the list of users. 

3. To create a Grader-Only Account, click Add New User. Add their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Within the Main Access Rights section, select Restricted for the Grader rights. This will remove access to all other rights and set this account as Grader-only.

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