Automatically Release Results

March 11, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Automatic Release Results feature allows Users to choose to release Assessment results at the time of posting, so Exam Takers will receive results immediately upon answer file upload.

  1. Once an Assessment has been created and is in Draft mode, click the check box to enable the Automatically Release Results options in the Scoring pane. Note that you must have Scoring Rights to the assessment folder to enable this feature.
  2. The Automatically Release Results modal window will appear. Here, the User will select the options to be included in the report that will be released to students, including how the score should be presented, what assessment details to display, and/or category performance.

  3. To send an Assessment Results reminder to Exam Takers via email, be sure to check the Email Results to Exam Takers option.
  4. Once an Exam Taker has uploaded their answer file, and if Email Results to Exam Takers option was checked, the Exam Takers will receive an email with instructions to view their  Release Results Report.
  5. When the Auto Release Results options are selected, the User has the choice to edit the options selected by clicking the pencil icon next to Auto Release Results.
  6. Once the assessment has been posted, the User only has the choice to view the options (using the magnifying glass) selected in the Auto Release Results  or to remove the Auto Release Results option altogether (using the Red X icon). Once Auto Release Results has been removed from a posted assessment, it cannot be re-added and any previously released results will no longer be available to students.


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