Item Analysis Report

March 11, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Item Analysis Report provides the statistical analysis on certain types of questions used on an assessment, including question performance, question descriptions, answer choice text, response frequencies, discrimination index, point bi-serial, and overall performance history to enable users to improve their question creation process.

*The Item Analysis Report only provides this statistical information for Multiple Choice, True/False, and FITB/Matching questions; it cannot provide such information for Essay type questions.

  1. Navigate to the Assessments tab and locate the assessment for which you would like to run the report. 
  2. Select Item Analysis from the Reporting/Scoring drop down.
  3. Select the fields and question types you would like to include in the report. 
  4. Statistics that relate to the exam as a whole (including number of ETs, Mean Score, KR-20, etc.) will display below the header. 
  5. Below that, each item will be displayed the data you selected to include on its performance in this exam. Questions will be separated with a horizontal bar.
  6. If you opted to include Response Frequencies, a column for each answer choice will be included. Correct answers for multiple choice and multiple select items are indicated with an asterisk.  All calculations will change when additional students upload their answer files. Please wait until all students have uploaded their exams before running this report. Note that the Average Answer Time may take up to 4 hours to populate and will not immediately update after the assessment. 
  7. To export or print the file, select the format you would like it to export to from the drop down in the tool bar and click Export.


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