Managing Advanced Grader Assignments

March 11, 2016 Kelly Basara

Some performance exams may contain rubrics that will be used by multiple people for grading purposes. The Advanced Grader Assignments feature allows Users to set up and manage multiple Graders within an assessment for each individual rubric on that assessment. 

Assigning Graders

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab, open the desired assessment folder, and click on the title of the posted performance exam.

2. Click the Grade tab, select the Advanced Grader Assignments sub-tab, and identify the correct assessment posting.

3. A listing of all the rubrics assigned to that exam will appear below. Click the Add Grader Assignment button next to the rubric.

4. A modal window will appear containing four different setup options— Quick Grader Setup, Select Graders, Peer Grading, and Self Grading. 

Quick Grader Setup

With this option, Users will be able to quickly and easily assign a single Grader to each rubric on the assessment.

1. To select a Grader with this option,
first choose a listing of Graders to view.

The My Graders option will display Graders that were setup through the User's account preference section of the portal. The ExamSoft Users option will display all ExamSoft Users in the system.

2. Select the specific Grader from the
drop-down list and click Save. 

3. Once the Grader is selected, Users will be able to
start tracking that person’s grading progress with that specific rubric.

Multiple Graders (Select Graders)

For more complex grading assignments, where more than one person is assigned to grade each rubric, Users should choose the Select Graders option from the modal window. This option is available for both points-based and rubrics-based performance assessments.

1. Navigate to the Advanced Grader
Assignments sub-tab for the assessment.

2. Click Add Grader Assignment(s) next
to the rubric the Graders will be assigned to.

3. When the modal window appears, click the Select Graders option.

Users can configure grading accounts so that each student is only graded one time by one person, or that each students is graded more than one time by multiple people as shown below:

One Grader Per Student

Multiple Graders Per Student

4. Track the progress of your Graders from the Advanced Grading Assignments sub-tab.

5. Repeat the process for the next rubric on the assessment.

Other options Users can choose to select from this screen include: 

  • Email graders
  • Clear Grading for all users
  • Detailed Grading Report

Swap Graders after Grading Process

This feature will allow Users to swap a grader for another after the grading process has begun. This new grader cannot be already assigned as a grader for this assignment, and this process can be repeated as many times as necessary.

1. To swap graders, open the Advanced Grader Assignments and select to edit the grader assignment.

2. Within the Manage Graders window, select to edit the grader to swap.

3. A modal window will appear where Users can choose to replace the current grader with another from the list of My Graders or ExamSoft Users, similar to the original process of selecting graders for the assignment.

4. Choose to show graders from the My Graders list, ExamSoft Users, or both. Select a grader from the drop-down menu, and click the Assign New Grader button.

This feature is only available when managing Quick Grader Setup and Select Grader(s) assignements. When swapping graders, the new grader will be sent the assignment via email. Note: All comments and grades completed by the former grader will be retained; however they will appear under the new grader's name.


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