Peer Graders

March 11, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Peer Grading feature is one part of the Advanced Grader Assignments bundle. This feature allows users to assign students to grade their peers on a particular rubric within a performance assessment. After creating your peer grading assignments, students will be able to log into their ExamSoft portal and grade the rubric. For more information on how exam takers can grade the rubric, check out our Quick Reference Guide:

Grading Rubrics from the Exam Taker Portal

Managing Peer-Grading Assignments

1. Go to the Assessments tab, and open a posted assessment. 

2. Once in the assessment, click the Grade tab, select the Advanced Grader Assignments sub-tab, and choose the correct Assessment posting.

3. A listing of all the rubrics assigned to that exam will appear. Click Add Grader Assignment next to the Rubric that you wish to be peer-graded.

4. When the modal window appears, click the
Peer Graders  option. The Manage Peer
Grading modal window will pop 

5. Within this modal window, the User will be
presented with several options.

  • The User will first want to select the Grading Start and Grading End dates. These dates will dictate when the assignment is available to grade. These dates will also prompt emails to be sent to the assigned Exam Takers. 
  • Peer Grader(s) per Exam Taker – This field will
    be to set the number of peer graders a User
    wishes to 
    assign to each Exam Taker. By default,
    this field is set 
    to 1.
  • Select how exam-takers will be assigned. Randomly 
    Select will automatically randomly assign all of the 
    Exam Takers enrolled to the course and assignment
    to grade one another. Any given student will NOT be assigned to grade themselves. Select Exam Takers allows the User to manually assign the Peer Graders for each Exam Taker.
  • Hide Exam Taker Info from All Graders – This option will allow the User to make all grading anonymous.

  • Reminder On – This option is to set the reminder
    date for the grading, and an email will only be

    sent out to Exam Takers who have not completed
    their grading 

  • Scoring Options: Use – This drop-down menu of 
    features enables the User to decide how the

    scoring will be computed when using more than 
    one grader. You can select to use the Low Score, High Score, or Average Score of all graders.

  • Scoring Options: Throw Out – this option allows the User to select to throw out the low score, high score, or both when determining average score.  This field can only be used when at least three peer graders are assigned.
  • Show Score (%) to Graders – checking this box will determine if the Graders see the score that they are giving.
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